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"Évariste Galois had an even shorter and more tragic life than did Abel. Born near Paris in 1811 as the son of a small-town mayor, he began to exhibit and extraordinary mathematical talent shortly after his fifteenth birthday. He tried twice to enter the École Polytechnique, but both times was refused admission because of his inability to meet the formal requirements of the examiners, who completely failed to recognize his genius. Then came another blow; his father, feeling himself persecuted by the clerics, committed suicide. Persevering, Galois finally entered the École Normale in 1829 to prepare himself to teach, but, drawn by democratic sympathy into the turmoils of the Revolution of 1830, he was expelled from school and spent several months in prison. Shortly after his release, in 1832, when not yet twenty-one years old, he was manipulated into a pistol duel over a love affair and was slain."

Eves, Jamie H. An Introduction to the history of mathematics with cultural connections. 6th ed. Philadelphia [etc]: Saunders College Publishers, 1990.


La Facultat de Matemàtiques i Estadística dedica el curs 2012-13 a Évariste Galois i com en anys anteriors la Biblioteca de l'FME, per donar suport a aquesta iniciativa, presenta el Web Galois amb l'objectiu principal de complementar bibliogràfica i documentalment les activitats sobre aquest matemàtic que es realitzin a la facultat.


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