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During the mobility

At your arrival at the FME

Deliver the following documentation at the FME Academic Office

    • Updated and original Transcript of Records (signed and stamped).
    • Copy of European Health Insurance Card and copy of a private insurance with the following coverages for the whole stay: 
        • Healthcare (including diagnostic tests and surgical interventions), 
        • Accidents (compensation for permanent disability and death compensation), 
        • Repatriation of mortal remains, 
        • Civil liability

If you do not already have insurance, the UPC has an agreement with OnCampus and it offers a very complete insurance for the entire stay at a very affordable price.

    • Insurance Responsible Statement for academic stays at UPC (filled and signed).
    • Erasmus Credential (if you come under any other exchange programme, a similar document will be required). 
    • Copy of the registration at your home University (from semester/s you'll perfom the mobility).
Afterwards, we will hand you the student card and your file folder.
Once this procedure is completed, you will meet the FME Vice Dean of International Relations in an interview. Later, you will finish your registration and enrol in FME courses.
Visit the International Mobility Office. You will get your "Welcome Pack" and get information about useful procedures.


If the duration of your stay is a full academic year (two semesters) or you plan to enhance your work experience through an internship in a company (regardless of the duration of your stay), you must start processing your NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) at your arrival with help from the International Mobility Office.



E-Secretaria compulsory data

You must complete your E-Secretaria data before using the online administration procedures.
  1. Fill in all of the compulsory fields in the 'My details' section. Please modify there your address in Barcelona (at this moment there is our faculty's address). If you have not yet the UPC student card, please modify BARCELONA ADDRESS after receiving your student card.
  2. Fill in the Data Protection consent in 'My details -> RGPD Authorisations' page.

Once you have completed the information you will be able to access to all of your information, including the procedure of Enrolment Modifications.


Courses modifications

Modification of enrolment

We strongly recommend that any change of courses is properly done before preparing the document of Modification of Learning Agreement. This procedure must be done through E-Secretaria.

Note that, before requesting any modifications, you must complete the information detailed in the previous section "E-secretaria compulsory data".

Add courses

You have to request these modifications via E-Secretaria, by "Procedures -> Request -> Others". Once in this page, it is important that you select Mobility in the Scope, complete your request and submit it.

Remove courses

You have to request these modifications via E-Secretaria, by "Procedures -> Request -> Enrolment -> Remove enrolled subjects". We recommend removing as soon as possible any course you know you will not attend, in order to facilitate other students enrol in it.

Any modification of enrolment must be properly processed within the deadline established.

Modification of Learning Agreement

Finally, you will have to fulfil and sign the document of Modification of Learning Agreement:


Services for students

You can check the available services for students at the Services FME website. Find further information among the selection of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Live the FME!