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Why study at the FME?

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Why study Mathematics or Statistics?

  • Because you will be trained in rigorous and conceptual thinking and, at the same time, stress the applied aspects of the technological and the business world.
  • Because both Mathematics and Statistics offer a wide range of career opportunities, which facilitates the integration into the workforce.
  •  And because Mathematics and Statistics are the professions with the lowest unemployment rate, as the latest studies by the INE reflect.



In a report by the INE (National Statistics Institute) that appeared on Saturday 24/05/2014 in the newspaper La Vandguardia, it is confirmed that in the five years of crisis, Mathematicians and Statisticians where the ones that suffered the least, with an unemployment rate of just 6,8%.


Why study a bachelor's degree in Mathematics or Statistics?


Small Groups

Admission of 40-60 students in each degree.

Strict selection by grade point cutoff.

Personalized follow-up.


Academic Staff

Highly qualified in Mathematics and Statistics: teaching and research.

Strict and quality training in Mathematics and Statistics.


Technological environment


Shared faculty with Engineering and Applied Sciences degrees.

Optimal integration in interdisciplinary teams.