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Welcome and tutoring

Thw welcome to the FME comprises a range of activities organized by the faculty to facilitate the integration of the new students (Bachelor as well as Master students) in the faculty and in the university life. This action is part of the Information, Orientation and Welcome Program, which has been implemented by the UPC in the last years in order to improve the admission of students that are starting a university education for the first time.

The faculty reflects the welcome and tutoring actions of each degree in   the Welcome program and tutoring action in FME (Pla d'acollida i d'acció tutorial de l'FME(open in new window)).

Welcome and tutoring actions:

Welcome session in the FME Library:

At the beginning of each academic year the library organizes introductory sessions for the new students in the FME. The main objective of these is  offering the students a general vision of the library and explaining which will be its role in their studies. The aim is that the students get to know about the existence of the library and that they have information about the services and resources that it offers, so it can help them throughout their studies, paying special attention to the loaning system. It is also intended that the users become self-sufficient regarding the knowledge of the library spaces, the search and localization of documents in the catalog and the location of books in the shelves, and that they become familiar with the library's rules.

Each year the following presentation are organized for the new students:

  • Bachelor's degree in Mathematics: complementary visit of the activity Solvent use of the information of the course Fundamentals of Mathematics.
  • Bachelor's degree in Statistics (UB-UPC): joint presentation of the libraries in FME and CRAI Economy and Business (UB).
  • Master of Science in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering (MAMME) and Master's degree in Statistics and Operations Research (MESIO UPC-UB): library presentation integrated in Master's introductory sessions.
  • Superior Interdisciplinary Studies Center (CFIS): visit and presentation of the library.