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Welcome and tutoring

The welcome to the FME is a group of activities organized by the Faculty to make the new students integration to the faculty and to the university life easier. This is an action from the Information, Orientation and Students Welcome plan that UPC has recently started.

 At the beginning of the course, the directors and the heads of studies do a presentation to the new students of each degree and master taught in the FME. On the other hand, the FME's library organizes his own welcome sessions.

Course start presentations:

  • Bachelor's degree in Mathematics

    Takes place the week before the course starts and goes along with a diagnostic test to evaluate the students level. The FME's dean and the Bachelor's degree in Mathematics head of studies inform to the new students about different aspects of the university life in the Faculty. Particularly, they insist on the need to study every day since the beginning of the course and students are informed about the curriculum, the common exam results, the operation of the evaluation committees and the permanence regulation, the cultural activities, the students delegation, etc. Also they are told that the head of studies will do interviews, after the partial exams, with the students who has had more difficults with the subjects.

  • Bachelor's degree in Statistics

    There is a previous session which take place in the Faculty of Economics and Business that is where the degree is managed. Information

  • Master in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering (MAMME)

    It is convoked the first day, just before the beginning of the course. In this meeting the master's responsible welcome the new students and remind some aspects about how the master works: where to find the timetable, exams calendar and other dates, important dates and  master thesis procedure, dates and mobility application procedure, etc. It is also the moment for the students to meet each other . In addition, before this session, during the admision and enrolment process, the responsible of the master has contacted the students who have not done the bachelor's degree in the FME in order to inform them about how the master works and to help in the subjects choice.

  • Master's degree in Statistics and Operations Research (UPC-UB)

    In the admission process to MESIO UPC-UB a tutor is assigned to each admitted student. Tutors are members of the Masters Admission Committee so they have already had the opportunity to examine the student's file during the admission process. The allocation of tutors attends affinity between, on the one hand, the interests expressed by students and their previous training and, secondly, the teaching and research profile of the tutors. Each member of the Committee on Admission of MESIO UPC-UB is tutoring usually about five students each year. In the acceptance letter sent in July to the new students, they are informed about the name and contact details of their tutor. They are asked to contact tutors as soon as possible. The first task of the tutor, and perhaps the most important one, is to guide the new students when choosing the subjects to enroll in September, for the first semester of the master. The student-tutor contact is maintained, and the student knows that he/she can count on their tutor when having doubts about the Master.

    Complementing the tutors allocation, a welcome meeting to the new students in the MESIO UPC-UB is organized by the Master Director during the first week of classes. At this meeting a reminder of master and FME website is done, with the intention that all students know where they can find the information on the course and subjects and where to do administrative processes. There is also an introduction to FME computer services and Library.

FME's library welcome sessions:

At the beginning of each academic year the library organizes introductory session to the new FME students. The welcome sessions main goal is offering to the first course students a general vision about the library and explain them which is its mission. It pretends that they know the existence of the library, have information about the services and the resources that offers to help them during their learning process, giving emphasis at the loan service.

The next presentation are organized for the new students:

  • Bachelor's degree in Mathematics: visit that complements the mandatory activity "Ús solvent de la informació de l’assignatura   Fonaments de la matemàtica".
  • Bachelor's degree in Statistics (UB-UPC): presentation of the FME and CRAI Economy and Business UB library.
  • Master of Science in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering (MAMME) and Master's degree in Statistics and Operations Research (MESIO UPC-UB): presentation of the library in the masters presentation session.
  • Centre de Formació Interdisciplinària Superior (CFIS): visit and presentation of the library.