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Quality must be present in every teaching. This statement is a core idea that the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics (FME) keeps in mind in every degree it is imparted and, in this compromise towards quality, the whole university staff is involved.

The Internal Quality Guarantee System (SGIQ) is the mechanism that the FME has in order to guarantee the achievement of the various objectives associated to quality. On one hand, guaranteeing a high level of quality in the educational offer suitable for the faculty students so that they can properly develop their abilities, competences and attitudes corresponding to their degree and motivate a continuous improvement culture. On the other hand, achieving a high degree of satisfaction among the persons that integrate the various groups of interest linked to the faculty.

The high level of implication and compromise towards quality from all the FME sectors becomes clear by the positive valuation obtained in the different processes of evaluation of each imparted degree in the faculty. Among the various obtained certificates and seals, the fact that the Bachelor's degree in Mathematics was awarded with an excellence certificate in 2016 stands out (access to the certificate).

In addition to the SGIQ, in June 2009, the FME obtained a positive valuation from the Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya (AQU) in the AUDIT program framework (access to the certificate).

It is a compromise of the actual directive team of the FME to develop policies and carry out actions that enable a continuous improvement of the quality in all the degrees that the faculty imparts.