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Visiting students

Are considered visiting students the ones who enroll in an official UPC study program by taking part of the studies with academic effects but not in any program of mobility or any agreement that establish a free enrollment at destination center.

Application procedure

Deliver at Academic Office within the deadlines in next calendar, the following documentation:

1. Application form: fulfilled, signed and stamped by home university

2. Identity card / Passport 
3. Academic transcript of records from home university
4. Id Photo: it must be a photograph of the face taken against a uniform white background in which the eyes are clearly visible. The aspect ratio (width/length) must 0.82, the size, at least 180 pixels wide and 220 pixels long, and the minimum resolution, 100 dpi.

Enrollment prices and fees

The economic rules to be applied to these students is regulated by an agreement of the Economic Committee of the Board of Trustees for each academic year.

The price of the registration of the visiting students will be calculated according to the enrolled number of credits. The price for the 2017/2018 course is 143.08€ per credit.

Administrative services: Visiting students won’t pay any fees for the Administrative services: enrollment and academic record fees, specific services,  learning support services, issuance of academic certifications, and certificates or diplomas.

Exemption rules, discounts and surcharges: Visiting students won’t have to pay for any surcharge by repeating courses, nor will be subject to other exemptions and discounts established by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Academic regulations