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Application and requirements

General requisites:

Partnership with the FME: Before initiating the admission process, please check with your mobility coordinator that there exists a bilateral agreement between your home institution and the FME.
The duration of the exchange can be one or two semesters (full course) within the same academic year.

Language: Although there are no language requirements for admission, you must be aware that courses in undergraduate level are usually taught either in Catalan or Spanish.We strongly recommend that students have a good level of Spanish or Catalan if they choose courses in those languages.


You'll find the relevant deadlines here.

Online Application Program

*Instructions Tutorial for applying*

Documents that you will have to attach during the application process:

  • Learning Agreement for Erasmus students.
  • Learning Agreement for non-Erasmus students.
  • Transcript of records signed and stamped (if you are a master student, it is necessary to provide transcript from bachelor and master).
  • Id Photo: it must be a photograph of the face taken against a uniform white background in which the eyes are clearly visible. The aspect ratio (width/length) must 0.82, the size, at least 180 pixels wide and 220 pixels long, and the minimum resolution, 100 dpi. You will need to upload the photo as a JPG

When coming to our university, you'll have to take with you the original documents dully signed and stamped by your coordinator.

  • Copy of your passport or Identity Card 
  • Copy of European Insurance Card or International Medical Insurance
  • Learning Agreement signed and stamped.
  • Erasmus Credential or certificate of your Erasmus acceptance (if you come under any other exchange programme, a similar document will be required). 
  • Copy of the registration at your home University
  • Updated Transcript of Records (signed and stamped)
  • Documents we will send us when you are accepted, fulfilled and signed.


When the student reaches the Faculty, he/she will meet the international coordinator of the Faculty and afterwards will be enrolled of the agreed courses. It is important that although the student can enrol courses from others Schools of UPC, the most of them must be from FME. In any case, FME does not guarantee the acceptance from other schools at UPC in their courses.