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Application and requirements

General requirements:

Partnership with the FME: Before initiating the application process, please check with the international mobility coordinator from your University that there exists a bilateral agreement between your home institution and the FME. It is mandatory that we receive an e-mail from your home University nominating you as a mobility student.
The duration of the exchange can be one or two semesters (full course) within the same academic year.

Language: Although there are no language requirements for admission, you must be aware that courses in undergraduate level are usually taught either in Catalan or Spanish. We strongly recommend that students have a good level (B1) of Spanish or Catalan if they choose courses in those languages.

Courses: It is not possible to enroll courses from other UPC faculties nor other Catalan universities. The available courses are the ones listed on our Courses Catalogue.
Those students willing to develop their MSc Thesis in our institution shall look for a tutor by their own. The MSc Thesis, if enrolled at the FME, will be defended at Barcelona and the grade will be included in the transcript of records.
We do not recommend to enrol more than 30 ECTS for semester.


Application procedure:

You'll find the relevant deadlines on the mobiliy calendar.

Online Application Program

Enter on the Online Application Program and submit your application, here you will find a Tutorial for applying. You must use your institutional e-mail address when applying, we will also contact you through that address, check it often.

IMPORTANT: Due to the high demand of MESIO (Statistics Master's) applications, MESIO committee decided to offer only 10 places for mobility students to enrol in MESIO program.

Documents that you will have to attach during the application process:

  • Learning Agreement through Erasmus Without Papers portal if your university is in the program. You must use your institutional email address when appling for the L.A. to be sent to us correctly.
  • or paper Learning Agreement for Erasmus students. Signed by the student and home university.


All students:
  • Transcript of records signed and stamped (if you are a master student, it is necessary to provide transcript from bachelor and master).
  • Id Photo: upload it to UPC Digital Identity webpage. The requirements for the picture are stated there.
  • Copy of your passport or Identity Card.

When coming to our university, you'll have to take with you the original documents, dully signed and stamped by your coordinator.


Application acceptance:

Check on the mobility calendar the date of resolution of your application as exchange student to the FME.

You will receive a notification via e-mail communicating your acceptance/no-acceptance. If your application is accepted, you have to accept the admission by the Application Program. This step is indispensable, if not done correctly your application won't be processed further.

We won't send any acceptance letter unless you need it and ask for it, the email you will receive is a proof of your acceptance.

In the During the Mobility article of the web, you will find information on what to do once you are Accepted.


Further information:

Please consult our FAQ - Frequent asked questions to have more useuful information about UPC online campus, reprography machines, Academic Office timetables, learning languages, accomodation and so on.