Degree certificate

Academic regulations

Consult the 8th point of the Academic regulations

More information: Títulos y SET (SGA)

When do I request it?

Once you have passed all the core, compulsory, optative, and free will credits in the study plan.

How do I request it?

  • Bachelor and Master degrees

It is important that you complete any pending payments you may have (contrarily, we will not be able to process it).

You must request it by e-Secretaria, clicking on degree request available in the left panel menu (Degree certificate and application). In the same section, you will be able to check the instructions for the procedure.


  • PhD degrees

It is very important that you follow the steps carefully and in the consecutive specified order. Once you have started the request, we will be able to solve any doubts you may have through DEMANA.

It is important that you complete any pending payments you may have (contrarily, we will not be able to process it).

1. Request your degree by the academic tool "Demana":

Select the type of procedure and follow the instructions.

 ATTENTION: It is not the certificate request

2. You will receive as a response the degree certificate request document. Make sure that all the information in this document is correct: name and surname as they appear in your identity document (without shortenings), place of birth...

ATTENTION: It is not the certificate receipt

3. Pay the request fee, through e-secretaria.

4. Make the request through Seu Electrònica de la UPC (

4.1 Access

The access to the procedure requires identification with the UPC Digital Identity (user/password) or with any other valid digital ID system.

4.2 Select the Ph.D. study program of which you want to request the certificate

4.3 Attach in the form:

4.3.1 Valid and current ID documents: NIE or Passport

4.3.2 Request document signed by you electronically or handwritten (and scanned)

4.3.3 There is the option to upload other documents:

a. Any other document that justifies some change not reflected in the current identification document (example: civil registry certificate).

b. Receipt of the fees' payment if e-secretaria is inaccessible.

The request is registered and signed by the interested person, and the centre receives a notification by the registry.


5. You will receive as a response the signed receipt for the issuance of the certificate as soon as your data and documentation gets verified.


You can check the price in the Decree for public prices.

When and how can I pick up my certificate?


When you receive the notification of the Academic office. The center will send you a written communication with the instructions to pick it up. This communication will be sent to the email address that you wrote in the Request for issuance of academic certificates.


Can someone else pick it up for me?

Yes, another person can pick it up for you.


  • He/she will have to set an appointment ( "Pick up my certificate"
  • Show up in the Academic office the appointed date and time with:
    • Original ID card of the authorized person
    • Attorney power authorizing the collection of the certificate
    • Receipt of the payment of the certificate's issuance tax

What if I live outside the province of Barcelona or abroad?

You can also ask in e-secretaria the shipping of the certificate to the closest diplomatic representation to your household. Once we receive the confirmation of the associated tax (see the decree for public pricing), the certificate (or the receipt) will be shipped to the office you have indicated.

Can I request a duplicate?

Yes, but only if you justify the loss, damage, rectification, change of name and/or surname, change of nationality or other circumstances.

In addition to the above-indicated documentation, you have to hand the original certificate and/or the documentation that justifies the duplicate. 

In case of requesting a duplicate due to loss of the original document, you have to publish an announcement in the BOE indicating this circumstance. In this situation, the request for a duplicate can be submitted a month has gone by since the posting of the announcement in the BOE.