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Bachelor's degree in Mathematics

 Mathematics degree structure

Has a total of 240 ECTS credits to do in 4 years, distributed in:

  • 189 compulsory credits, comprising the following:
    • 24 subjects worth 7.5 credits each in the first three academic years
    • 1 9-credit subject in the fourth academic year
  • 36 free-elective credits, which can be earned in the following manner:
    • Taking up to 6 of the optional subjects for the bachelor’s degree
    • Taking up to 6 subjects from the bachelor’s degree in Statistics, which are offered as optional subjects for the bachelor’s degree in Mathematics
    • Taking subjects from other bachelor’s degrees at the UPC, with the previous approval of the head of studies
    • Taking subjects within the framework of a mobility programme
    • Going on an external work placement (with a workload equivalent to 12 ECTS credits)
    • Applying for academic recognition of other activities such as languages, sports, participation in governing bodies and development cooperation, in accordance with UPC regulations and not exceeding 6 ECTS credits
  • 15 credits for the bachelor’s thesis