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General information


  • To sign an agreement, students must be enrolled at the FME during the placement period.


  • An educational cooperation agreement can be signed for a complete academic year (from September 16th until September 15th next year). However, the FME encourages the student to preferently sign two agreements during the academic year, one for each enrolment period (autumn term and spring term).
  • The placement timetable needs to be combined with the lectures' timetable, in order to avoid overlappings.


  • In order to sign an educational cooperation agreement, the student must have passed at least 120 ECTS of the Degree.


  • A maximum of 1800 hours of placements can be done during the whole degree, and 900 hours during one acamedic year.


  • 20 hours/week cannot be exceeded, with the next exceptions: 
  1. Non-lecture terms (summer).
  2. Exceptional cases which must be individually evaluated.



  • The educational cooperation agreement loses its validity when the student graduates and is no more linked with the UPC, even if the agreement's ending date states as it does end later.




Students older than 28 years old

Students older than 28 years old, who are not covered by the scholar insurance, need to have a private medical insurance when they sign an educational cooperation agreement. The students must ensure that it covers, at least, all the period of the placement and have to bring a copy to the Unit of Educational Organization and Labour Relations.

The UPC has an agreement with COFIDE enterprise. More information here(open in new window).


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