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FME quality policies and objectives

The Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics (FME), considers it necessary to guarantee a high level of quality in the educational offer it is responsible for and the agents that take part in it, promoting a continuous improvement culture.

The objectives to be reached in order to achieve a high level of quality are the following:

  • Working towards a training directed to excellence, guaranteeing an academic offer in line with the necessities and expectations of the students and society in general.
  • Defining the guidelines to guarantee quality, establishing strategies of continuous improvement and carrying out the necessary preventive and corrective actions.
  • Answering to the compromise of fulfillment of necessities and expectations of the various groups of interest linked to the faculty.
  • Facilitating the accreditation process of the degrees.
  • Supplying the appropriate support to the teaching staff, the administrative and services staff and the students, so that they can perform their competences satisfactorily.
  • Promoting that the quality policy becomes well-known, understood and shared by all the interest groups linked to the faculty.
  • Promoting the implication of the different groups of interest in the quality policies of the faculty.
The Internal Quality Guarantee System (SGIQ) is the mechanism that the FME has to guarantee the achievement of these objectives associated to quality.
The SGIQ of the FME has been designed following the guidelines established by the quality agencies ANECA, AQU and AGSUG in their program AUDIT, and it respects the legality and publicity, transparency and participation principles. The SGIQ of the FME is formed by eighteen processes. The detailed description of each one of these processes is presented in the section
The main functions of the FME's SGIQ are:
  • Suggesting the annual planning of the Internal Quality Guarantee System and monitoring it.
  • Taking care of the implementation and monitoring of the planned actions to assure quality.
  • Elaborating and updating the different reports related to quality.
  • Examining and updating, annually, the internal monitoring of the various processes associated to the directives of the SGIQ.


Barcelona, July 2019

Jaume Franch
Dean of the FME