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Master in Statistics and Operative Research UPC-UB (MESIO UPC-UB) - Welcome and tutoring

The welcome and tutorial action in the MESIO is set in the following actions:

  • Each MESIO UPC-UB student has a tutor teacher assigned: In the admission process to the MESIO UPC-UB, a master teacher is assigned to each student as a tutor: a master teacher member of the Admission Comission. This teacher will have had the opportunity to look at the student's record during the admission process. The allocation is decided by affinity between, on one hand,  the interests expressed by the student, his/her previous studies and, on the other hand, the teaching and research profile of the tutor teacher. Each member of the Admission Comission of the MESIO UPC-UB usually tutors about five students per year. In the admission letter that the new students receive in July, they are informed of the name and contact information of their tutor and are asked to get in touch with them as soon as possible. The first task of the tutor, and maybe the most important one is to orientate the new students when choosing the courses he/she is going to take in the first semester of the master, in September. The student-tutor contract does not end here, and the student knows he/she can count on the tutor when doubts about his/her trajectory in the master arise.

  • The master's director as an additional reference: During the academic year, any of the MESIO UPC-UB students can get in touch with the master's director (with office in the FME) to solve any problem or doubt. In particular, the student can ask for orientation at the time of choosing courses, or a topic and director for the Master's Thesis (TFM).

  • Tutor role of the Master's Thesis' director: The last stage of the MESIO UPC-UB student is to develop a Master's Thesis. Once the student has chosen a topic and a director for the Thesis, the director collaborates in the academic orientation of the student.

  • Welcome meeting for the new students: The welcome in the MESIO UPC-UB is complemented with a meeting, to which all the new students are invited and generally takes place the first day of lectures. The master's and FME websites are reminded, so the students know where to find information regarding the academic year, the courses and where to do administrative procedures. They are also informed about the informatic services that they have at their disposal and the FME Library presentation is given.