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"The two greatest mathematicians of the eighteenth century were Euler and Joseph Louis Lagrange (1736-1813), and which of the two was the greater is a matter of debate that often reflects the differing mathematical sensitivities of the debaters. Lagrange was born in Turin, Italy, into a formerly prosperous family of French and Italian backgrounds... He was educated in Turin and ... served as professor of mathematics at the military academy there. In 1766, when Euler left Berlin, Frederick the Great ..... wished to have at his court "the greatest mathematician of Europe". A few years ... Lagrange accepted a professorship at the newly established École Normale, and then et the École Polytechnique."

Eves, Jamie H. An Introduction to the history of mathematics with cultural connections. 6th ed. Philadelphia [etc]: Saunders College Publishers, 1990. Pag. 444


La Facultat de Matemàtiques i Estadística dedica el curs 2013-14 a Joseph-Louis Lagrange i com en anys anteriors la Biblioteca de l'FME, per donar suport a aquesta iniciativa, presenta el Web Lagrange amb l'objectiu principal de complementar bibliogràfica i documentalment les activitats sobre aquest matemàtic que es realitzin a la facultat.


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