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Master of Science in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering (MAMME)

As reflected in its name, this master has a dual academic and professional orientation. On the academic side, it provides the skills and techniques needed in scientific research in general and, more specifically, in mathematical research.
On the professional side, the goal is to provide the students with an advanced background to work in interdisciplinary teams, in cooperation with engineers, physicists, biologists, economists, etc.
The master benefits both from the leading role of Spanish mathematical research at the European level and the technological environment of a technical university such as UPC–Barcelona Tech.
The master duration is 60 ECTS (European Credit transfer System) credits, and is intended to be completed in one academic year. This comprises 45 ECTS in courses and a master thesis (15 ECTS).
Master courses are offered in five broad fields: Algebra and Geometry; Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms; Modelling in Engineering and Biomedical Sciences; Differential Equations; Scientific Computing.
In addition, up to half of the course credits (i.e. 22.5 ECTS) may be taken from other master courses. This offers an excellent opportunity of specialisation in a given field according to one’s preferences.
The official teaching language of this master is English.
Specific requirements
This master is addressed to students with good abstract reasoning, interest in problem solving, strong work habits and a liking for mathematics.
A scientific background is required, with basic mathematical foundations. For these reasons, a bachelor in mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, economics or science is recommended. This list is non-exclusive, and all applications will be reviewed on an individual basis.
Career prospects
Some of the career prospects of master graduates are academic research (by pursuing a PhD in mathematics, sciences or engineering, for instance), mathematical modelling, finance, statistics, applied research (biomedical research centers, computer vision, etc.)
Tutoring of the Students

The initial tutoring is the responsibility of the Master’s Academic Coordinator (jfranch@ma4upc.edu) and is performed mainly in the period prior to enrollment, often online. In addition, there is a welcome session just before courses start.

Because the master duration is 60 ECTS, students should start early to worry about their final master thesis (TFM). In this sense, beyond the support of the Academic Coordinator, they have access to an intranet to determine which TFMs are available. There, they will find information about the range of topics, detailed objectives, content and teaching responsibility. Thus, at the end of the first term, students should already have chosen their TFM.  From this point, the TFM advisor assumes tutoring.

Additional information
Interested? Please check http://mamme.masters.upc.edu for more details and see leaflet.